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Server Move
If you're seeing this, then you're viewing the website on its brand new hosting provider - Speedmax Hosting

Everything seems to be in order, aside from the twitter feed, which I'm looking into fixing. As I write this though, the DNS has yet to fully propagate, so you may see the two site versions switching back and forth for a day or two.

In regards to the demo release, school wound up clobbering my expected schedule, but I am officially done with the school year. As such, I will be able to get major progress underway for everyone.

Posted on May 02, 2012.

Recent Downtime
Hi, those of you who visited the site in the past two days would have noticed that the domain name expired, making the site and forums inaccessible. Unfortunately, I had been experiencing health issues and was in the hospital from Monday to today. Although I managed to get my laptop to the hospital after several days, there were several issues with paypal and I was unable to fully renew the domain until today. So, apologies for the downtime.

The demo 2 testing period has been very successful, though I must admit the past few weeks have been slow because I have been lagging with test updates. I anticipate being able to update again, however, and the full release of the demo should be ready relatively soon.

Posted on Mar 22, 2012.

Beta Testing is Now Open
The public beta testing period has been opened to everyone!

To test the game, sign up on the forums and then post in the sign up thread. Once posted, I or another admin will mask you, making you able to see the testing forum. There are several threads there detailing the download location and bug reporting process.

We have already uncovered quite a few glitches, and I think the testing period will be very useful in perfecting the demo before a final release.

Some other site changes will be coming as well.

Posted on Feb 25, 2012.

Demo Two Beta Testing
Has it really been three months since the last update? Time flies when you're having fun, as they say... or are just busy. I am very pleased to announce that Metroid Remix will enter a public testing period very shortly. While the first demo had private testing before it was released, we have gone ahead and decided to make the testing for this demo public. This way, more people can help test it, and also get a taste of the game sooner. With that being said, I would like to clarify how the testing will work.

The beta demo will not be directly downloadable from the website. Users who wish to test must first sign up on the forums and post in a demo topic that they would like to test. Once that's done, they will be masked on the forum, and will be able to see a subforum specifically devoted to the beta testing. Have no doubts, this demo will need the testing period. So for those of you who wish to test, please actually report bugs and issues when you find them!

Now having said all that, there are a lot of new features that will be in the demo. There will be the new Norfair area with its new enemies, and new items. All of the upgrades that will be in the final game will be in the demo, including the speed booster, spiderball, grapple beam, super missiles, power bombs, and more. There is a tiny portion of Kraid, but it is only a taste of the full area, and will not be the focus of the demo. Additionally, there is one more area, one that will not be in the final game but will instead serve as a final level for the demo. Outside of areas, there are bonus achievements that players can unlock, a revamped pause screen(with a working map this time), new title menu options, and the ability for custom controls and joystick support.

Overall, the demo will be open-ended like the previous one, but players can 'beat' it by completing the secret area.

Stay tuned in the upcoming days for more news about the beta period, as it will be starting soon. You will also see a significant site update as I work on integrating an online achievement system for the demo achievements.

Posted on Feb 21, 2012.

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