About the Project

Metroid Remix was first concieved in 2008 by Kuro-chan, under the idea of taking a shot at enhancing a current video game. While there were other candidates under consideration, Metroid 1 won given Kuro-chan's interest in that series.

The first attempt to develop Metroid Remix was in 2009, but did not gain much traction due to issues with engine development. It was abandoned in late 2009, though many of the graphics and work were saved in the event they could be put to use later. That came true on the first day of 2011 when Emperor and Kuro agreed to resume and restart development, and have been working on Remix since. Since then, the team has recruited many game testers, concept advisors and even a website instruction manual developer.

Team Members
Emperor: Game Programming
Electric Bob: Instruction Manual
Kuro-chan: Tile, Sprite, Font and Background Artist, Music, Game Concept
Lucifuga: A&B (Game) Tester
Mutagene: Sprite Artist and Music
ShadowWarriorLuke: Concept Consultant and A&B (Game) Tester
Sylux125: A&B (Game) Tester

Current Game Progress
Demo 2 has been released to the public.